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When I was a young Rookie YEARS ago, I did rookie shit. One stands out in particular. I was 22 right out of school and I was so rookie that I had this girl over on the first date to cook her dinner and some wine (shut up I said i was a rookie). Anyways we got to talking and she was just out of a relationship. I asked her what went wrong (again Rookie) and she told me that her boyfriend of two years didn’t want to hook up with her and another girl. She spoke about how she tried over and over again to get him to bang her and another girl and how he was so against her being “bi”. She was basically sexually frustrated and on top of that he didn’t like to bang as much as she did. I thought I was golden, first date and this chick is already talking threesomes and sex? Yeah, she must want me. So we finished the meal and I was on her like white on rice. Making out kissing, then all of a sudden she told me she had to go. Never heard from her again.

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I called up my mentor in the game PHD and he laughed his ass off. He said, “wait you actually fell for the sex talk trap”. Through that conversation I got educated to the female fucked up mentality. First of just to get the obvious out of the way, just because a woman is talking about sex with you at the moment doesn’t mean she wants to have it with you… right then. Next there are some women who feel comfortable openly talking about their sex lives and conquest to anyone and everyone who will listen even a mute monkey, so don’t feel special when she tells you all her deep sexual desires or whatever, half the bar has heard it already. Most importantly this is the biggest test you will get on a date. She’s not telling you about her love of sex to share some special moment of desire with you. She just wants to see how you react to the information. Do you all of sudden get happy like a little kid who found out he’s going to Disney World? The more obvious you are about it the more she’ll know you probably don’t get it that much, you’ve shown your hand. It’s a dirty trick, I mean a girl will tell you how much she loves sucking cock how much of an expert she is at it and dreams about doing it all the time. So you whip out your dick then she say’s, “ewww, what do you think I am, I’m not that type of girl”. HA! you just got got! STT mouther fucker!

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It’s taken a while but I’m like a jedi when it comes to the STT. Honestly a girl can tell me she loves getting gang banged and the feeling of cum in her hair and I’ll just respond with, “really, that’s nice” with a bored look on my face. What’s that? You love getting ATMed topped off by a golden shower, well the other day I sent my grandma a birthday card, she’s 82. Oh, you like it when a guy puts four fingers in your pussy? Yawn, what do you think about this dragon roll, I put extra wasabi on mine. Whatever she says, act like you’ve been there and done it before and you’re not impressed. Another STT trap a girl will try after attempting to impress you with her “oh so crazy sexual stories” is her asking you if you’ve done anything as crazy or as adventures. Then as soon as you tell her about that chick you met at the swingers club that stroked you till you came in her Champaign flute then she drank it. All of a sudden YOU’RE the freak and she’s asking for the check. Yeah, the same girl who just told you about taking the bottom end of a baseball bat in her asshole called you a freak. Bitches are crazy.

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My true player respond is always, “when I was younger I had some wild times, nothing that would impress you though”. I always downplay my sexual past, you never try to one up a chick during the STT or impress her. My other money response is, “i guess I have kind of a freaky side, but I want to get to know you a little better so I don’t scare you off”. Leave it at that. On the first couple of dates a guy shouldn’t verbalize his sexual desires, you should know how to express them through subtle physical interactions. Take her on the dance floor and put your hands where they don’t belong. Touch her on her lower back, kiss her on her neck, grab her hand and put it on your cock. Whatever you do, don’t fall for the STT!

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